Messages of Great people:

Among the galaxy of Savant-Saints of India, Lord Basavanna can legitimately claim a pride of place by virtue of his distinguished services in the feilds of Kannada  Literature and humanitarian activity. His saintly, philosophical thought embodied in the illustrious "Basava Vachana" has enreached Kannada Poetry. The 8th century celebrations of LORD BASAVANNA will therefore be hailed on a Nation Wide Scale.

                                                                                                         - ZAKIR HUSAIN

                                                                                                           (President of INDIA)

I am glade that 8th centenary celebrations of Basaveshwara are being celebrated. The Vachana's of Basaveshwara show how progressive and enlightened a spiritual leader he was. There is an urgent need to propagate his massage of pease and universal brother hood and the celebration contemplated is a signal step forwarded in your afforts to promot unity and harmoney not only among our contry men but among all the human beings.

                                                                                                          - V.V.GIRI

                                                                                                            (Vice President of INDIA)

Lord Basaveshwara is one of the great saints who heralded Socai Change in mediaeval INDIA. He stressed divotion and intellect. He expounded his profond ideas in common speach, charged with power and beauty. He steesed the equality of man in the eyes of his maker. 

                                                                                                         -INDIRA GANDHI

                                                                                                          (Prime Minister Of INDIA)

Shri Basaveshwara the great saint, poet and philosopher of KARNATAKA, occupies a very prominent place among the mystics and religious reformers of BHARATH. He was born at a time when Society was riven by political upheavals, socail schisms and religious animosities. Confused and confounded by a medley of opposing creeds and doctrines, people were drifting towards atheism.

Shri Basaveshwara restored faith in God and inculcated the spirit of service he revolutionalised thought and brought about a synthesis of approach in matters religious and spiritual. He preched the message of universal love and Borther Hood, right conduct and devotion to GOD and spread the doctorine of socail equality and untouchbility.  Basaveshwara is conidered as the father of KANNADA prose and his Vachana's contain the quintessence of Upanishadic tachings. He laid great stress on action and held "WORK IS WORKSHIP" as enunciated in his vachana's "KAYAKAWE KAILASA".

May his teachings continue to inspire the minds and hearts of ous countrymen, for such spiritual awakening and faith in Moral Order alone can impart vitality, Strength and stability to our nation


                                                                                                            (Founder of Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan)


1.You've come to do work

   That I have come to do;

   I've come to do the work

  That you have come to do;

  Allama Prabhudeva has come

  To do the work that you and I

  Have come to do...

  And so, in a few days,

  Kalyana was a lamp,

  I was the oil,

  Second-in-Command the wick,

  Prabhudeva was the light of it.

  However, the lamp is broke,

  The oil is dry, the light extinct!*

2.Melt my mind and purge its stains,

  Test it and in fire refine!

  Hammer, so the hammer pains,

  To pure gold this heart of mine!

  Beat from me, great Craftsman, beat

  Anklets for thy devotees' feet:

  Save me, Lord Kudala Sangama!*

3.The lotua lends the water grace,

  And billows to the sea;

  A woman's virtue is her grace,

  The sky's the moon:

  The ashmark on the brow

  Lends grace to a Sarana

  Of our Lord Kudala Sangama.*

4.I have no fear of streaking  snake,

  Nor point of sword, nor tongue of flame;

  There's one thing makes my whole heart shake:

  I tremble at the hazardous game

  Another's wife or wealth may make!

  In days of old, Ravana was bold,

  Only to think, my heart grows clod,

 Oh Kudala Sangama Lord!*

5.Lord, I am a bee

  In the lotus of thy feet;

  Lo, my tongue is sweet

  With nector of Thy name;

  My eyes are all aflame

 With beauty of thy face;

  the very thought of  Thee

  Haunts all my nights and days;

  My ears are filled, you see,

  With music of thy praise!*

6.Make of my body, Lord, The pole;

  Make of my head, the gourd;

  Make of my nerves the wires, O Lord,

  And of my fingers the plectrum make;

  Intone thy two - and - thirty notes;

  Thump on my heart to beat the time,

  O Kudala Sangama Lord!*


7.Alas, My lord,

  why made you me-

  this thing of nought,

  a vain travailer here,

  bereft of grace?

  Have you no pity, Lord,

  Alas, you have none!

  Listen, then, and say,

  were it not better done

  a tree, a plant to create

  than wretched me,

  O Lord, Kudala Sangama!